Welcome to Schreiber’s Garden!
This website is still in the process of being built. In the meantime you can check out our 360° sample garden and read up on the project


Schreiber’s Garden is a symbioses of simulation, gaming and digital arts. With Schreiber’s Garden you can experience your own little garden right in the middle of your living room.

This digital experience let’s you completely forget your surroundings and let’s you immerse in the newest kind of virtual mediums.

We utilize real room-scale virtual reality and above state-of-the-art technology to try to make our experience the most real-world like simulation you’ve ever seen.

Schreiber’s Garden is not a short-lived experience. Nor is it an arcade, shooter or horror game you’ve come to see a lot in the past.

Schreiber’s Garden let’s you work in your garden in absolute freedom. It emphasizes nature and creativity in a beautiful and calm surrounding rather than violence and stress. It let’s you relax and enjoy yourself with this great new technology.

You are not bound to any grid or flowerbeds, pots etc. You can dig into the ground at any spot like you would do in real life. Our plants actually have a life cycle and AI that makes them grow and interact with their environment just like in the real world.


at nurnoch entertainment we focus on full room-scale virtual reality development.

most people know about normal VR already, but many do not know of the great features room-scale VR has to offer.

room-scale VR allows the user to move freely in their playspace. normal VR tends to make users nauseous due to the fact that the view/camera of the game moves without the actual person moving. in room-scale VR the view/camera moves with your head. hence it’s more intuitiv and accomodating. you also use controllers that represent your hands in the virtual reality, which allows for a very intuitiv gameplay.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Schreiber’s Garden.